Giving Back on a Low Budget: Caribbean Edition

How many times have you said no when asked for a donation? If you’re like many, probably almost every time. Understandably giving money after you’ve worked 40 hours in a week can seem daunting. Lucky for you, giving back does not automatically = giving money .

In order to explain this, I’m going to use superstar Rihanna as an extreme example.

In recent years, Barbados native, Rihanna, has given back to the Caribbean in countless ways. Of course Rihanna is extremely wealthy but even so, she is an example of someone who has utilized all of the resources at her disposal. She threw a ball to raise money, used her influence to ask her fans for donations, and dedicated her time to teaching students and Malwi math.  

During Rihanna’s acceptance speech at Harvard for Humanitarian of the Year she said, “All you need to do is help one person, expecting nothing in return. To me that is a humanitarian. People make it seem to hard man.” Those words could not be truer. Not everyone has the funds, but if you have a social media account, phone, and friends, you’re already off to a great start. Here are some ways to give back that don’t involve giving money directly.

  1. Spread the word about a fundraiser or group of people in need via social media, phone, or in person.
  2. Sign up to do community service
  3. Donate food or spices you don’t want or need
  4. Use your skills and intelligence to further the community (create an app, graphic, write a blog post, teach)
  5. Start a business surrounding a good cause!

Start simple, or try them all, but all of us can do a little bit to give back to our communities.

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