It's Mango Season!

Mangos bring joy to all Caribbean people with their sweet succulence. There is nothing better than biting into a yellow orange, juicy, sloppy, mango. And don’t even mention mango chow - The salt, garlic and pepper (shadon bene if you a Trini) way to eat a green mango. YUMM. We love it all.

There are so many types and varieties across the Caribbean! Julie, Rose, Calabash, Starch, Graham… the list is long.

Some islands even have Mango festivals!

Check out the Nevis Mango & Food Festival

The Mango Festival in Trinidad

 Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival 

Even South Florida has a festival

Here is one of our favourite mango colored pieces that you could wear to a festival. 

We, Caribbean mango lovers are all in heaven during this season.

A quick search for mangoes produces instructions and how-to-videos of “how to eat a mango”. Most of the videos and instructions involve peeling a mango with a knife and cubing or slicing the mango

Image titled Eat a Mango Step 4








Photo From - Eat a Mango

   Fed-up with videos of “how to eat a mango with a knife” Seanise Jeffers of the Virgin Islands created this video to show the world how to eat a ripe mango the Caribbean way:


YES!! Just bite into it. With juice dripping down her face and hands we give her kudos. School the world Seanise!

Mangos are #GoodForTheCaribbean, they are not just yummy but offer great health benefits:

  • They are full of Vitamins A and C that help boost the immune system
  • Their enzymes held aid in digestion
  • With their generous amounts of Vitamin A they improve eye health
  • They lower cholesterol
  • Great for the skin, unclogging pores and eliminating pimples (can be used both internally and externally)

Shout out in the comments below where are you from and your favourite mango.