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5 Times Rihanna Slayed Being Good for the Globe

Photo Credit: Roc Nation If you aren’t a huge Rihanna fan like us here at Bene Caribe, then you might only know the Caribbean icon as a singer, dancer, designer, entrepreneur, or that celebrity you’ve seen in the media.   What we love most about Rihanna, however, isn’t that she is a MOGUL or how great of a performer she is (she’s amazing we know), but how much she gives back to the community. Here are our top 5 reasons for loving this humanitarian! When Rihanna taught math to students in Rural Malawi Rihanna visited Malawi to learn about the challenges facing the country’s educational system as part of her role as founder of the Clara Lionel Foundation and Global...

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Giving Back on a Low Budget: Caribbean Edition

How many times have you said no when asked for a donation? If you’re like many, probably almost every time. Understandably giving money after you’ve worked 40 hours in a week can seem daunting. Lucky for you, giving back does not automatically = giving money . In order to explain this, I’m going to use superstar Rihanna as an extreme example. In recent years, Barbados native, Rihanna, has given back to the Caribbean in countless ways. Of course Rihanna is extremely wealthy but even so, she is an example of someone who has utilized all of the resources at her disposal. She threw a ball to raise money, used her influence to ask her fans for donations, and dedicated her...

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Bene Caribe PSI Make It Stop Bag - Get Yours Now PSI-Caribbean (PSI-C) responds to the prevailing health needs of the people of the region through innovative programs that increase access to health education, products and services. The organization values innovation, commitment and collaboration and over the past eleven years has worked alongside civil society organizations, commercial entities and governments across the region to create health solutions in the area of sexual and reproductive health and more recently gender based violence (GBV) prevention and non-communicable disease prevention. “We’re a nonprofit, but we take a business approach to saving lives. We develop cutting-edge communications using traditional and emerging technologies to motivate people to adopt healthy behaviors,” says Kevon Foderingham, Marketing and...

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