BENE (Latin): Well or good
CARIBE (Spanish): Caribbean
BENE CARIBE means Good for the Caribbean
We use fashion as a vehicle to promote what is good from the Caribbean. 

Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 2015, Bene Caribe is a fashion brand that is proud to be Made in the Caribbean.

With an ethos of "Good for the Caribbean", we produce pieces with quality, love and ethics and strive to give back to organizations doing good work in the Caribbean. Through our journal we hope to highlight the work of Caribbean people in the diaspora who reflect our values of giving back and contributing to excellence in the Caribbean and across the globe.

We Value:

  • Prioritizing the use of traditional fabrics printed in the Caribbean, as well as traditional printed wax batiks from countries of the developing world.
  • The ethical use of material and resources.
  • Handmade and slow-made processes
  • Recycling & reusing 
  • Excellent quality from stich to service to sale.
  • Innovation in design - and we do this through new collaborations, new products, new collections, and new causes.
  • A team and collaborative approach to all of our work.
  • Fair & living wages and believe that our customers will understand that the lowest price is not always the best or most ethical price.
  • Balance

Bene Caribe is:


Like our personalities, our pieces are colorful and flavorful! We are inspired by the passion, warmth, camaraderie, flavors, vibrancy and rhythm of our Caribbean people and the waters, skies, forests and flora of our Caribbean environment.


What is life without passion? At BENECARIBE, we are passionate about social responsibility. We value and believe that we are responsible for our community and aim to be responsible in the production and promotion of our fashion brand. We are active participants working tirelessly to solve some of our local problems and with the dream of creating a community where all can thrive.


We are conscious producers and consumers and we believe that with increased awareness, the Caribbean will produce more conscious businesses and consumers who are dedicated to sustainability and having a positive impact in their communities.