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PSI-Caribbean (PSI-C) responds to the prevailing health needs of the people of the region through innovative programs that increase access to health education, products and services.

The organization values innovation, commitment and collaboration and over the past eleven years has worked alongside civil society organizations, commercial entities and governments across the region to create health solutions in the area of sexual and reproductive health and more recently gender based violence (GBV) prevention and non-communicable disease prevention.

“We’re a nonprofit, but we take a business approach to saving lives. We develop cutting-edge communications using traditional and emerging technologies to motivate people to adopt healthy behaviors,” says Kevon Foderingham, Marketing and Communications Manager, PSI-C.  

What are they up to?

Got It Get It

At a time when there is less health care funding in the Caribbean, they are striving to become more innovative in the way they run programs. For example, their “Got it? Get it sexual and reproductive health campaign reached over 100,000 people in their priority populations, namely youth at-risk, men who have sex with men, commercial sex workers and members of the defense force and their families. After 10 years the funding for this project has come to end and the need to create programs that are more sustainable is real.    

In May 2015, they launched “Make It Stop”, a GBV prevention project in Trinidad and Tobago seeking to address violence against women and girls.

Make It Stop

A huge milestone PSI-Caribbean accomplished as part of their overall strategy to address GBV was the launch of their Make It Stop Youth Empowerment Curriculum! It teaches youths how to recognize and stand up to gender based violence and we at Bene Caribe are all for recognizing the bread crumbs others may ignore. We also love the fact that they we are teaching our youth it is OK to be vulnerable, to find the courage to speak out against gender based violence. Although the Caribbean doesn’t like to admit it, gender based violence is more prevalent than we think it is, so it’s pretty awesome that PSI-Caribbean is tackling the issue head on.

“This is a worthwhile work and we are actively seeking new partnerships, funding opportunities and implementing more sustainable measures to continue and upscale the work we have started, long after project funding ends,” says Foderingham.

Bene Caribe is ready to help!       

To support this worthy cause, Bene Caribe is selling a must-have “Make It Stop” bag and all net proceeds from the sales of the bags will go towards PSI-C.

Together we can Make It Stop!

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Make It Stop Bag