It's The Season for Love Sharing



Not that we don't think that love should be shared every day of the year, but with the holiday buzz in the air, Its a great time for sharing love through thoughtful, gifts

There's something special about a gift that gives back to the community, promotes a cause or that helps the environment. 

Just for you, we've curated a list of handmade, ethical gifts from the Caribbean that you can share with your loved ones!

Over the next month, we'll be sharing a few gifts at a time through our newsletter and our blog. Don't be left off the list. sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates.

Here are a few of our new favorites.

The Mediation on Fro Tee & Tote

Mam Ltd ArtMam Ltd tote

Designed by Melissa Matthews of Mam Ltd Art for Bene Caribe, $5.00 US from the sale of each tee supports Mamatoto Resource & Birth Centre is a full-service childbirth center in Trinidad and Cause An Effect, an organization that aims to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in T&T

Buy it Here!

The Etienne Charles Shirt

Etienne Etienne 2

 We partnered with son of the Trinidad and Tobago soil, Etienne Charles to create this #handmade shirt. Available in two popping colors, this shirt is a great gift for men. Buy it here online, or check it out exclusively at Blue Basin Stores in Trinidad.

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