Get to Know Turtle Warrior!


In 2015 we met the women of Nature Seekers Craft and fell in love with their work, message, and products. 

Get to know more about the brand below and come check out their pieces at our Femme Fatale DC location until December 24th:

100 Florida Avenue, NE, Washington, DC

The Turtle Warriors make recycled glass beaded bracelets and other jewelry handmade in the Turtle Village of Matura, Trinidad, W.I.

"The majestic leatherback turtle is the largest of all sea turtles, every year hundreds of this critically endangered species come to nest in the rural beachside community of Matura in Trinidad & Tobago. These gentle giants have been fiercely protected by locals for 25 years and now provide much-needed income through eco-tourism.

Discarded glass bottles are cleared from the turtle nesting beach and given new life as recycled beads which then transform into our collectible Turtle Warrior bracelets. Each bead on the Turtle Warrior bracelet is hand-crafted in our workshop by skilled men and women from the community and completed with a hand-carved coconut turtle charm. 

All the money raised through the sale of our Turtle Warrior Bracelets goes directly back into the project and towards our sea turtle conservation efforts."

Part of the Nature Seekers Craft Programme.

How will you rock your Turtle Warrior bracelet or necklace?

Credit: Turtle Warrior Facebook Page

Photos: Turtle Warriors