Bene Caribe Carnival Styling with Stephanie Ramlogan

Have you ever worked with a stylist?

While I like to think I'm a stylish person, I wanted to challenge myself to work with someone with an eye for style to help me use my Bene Caribe pieces in a unique way. I know there are ways to wear our pieces that I had never thought of.  I try to design our Bene Caribe pieces to be versatile so that you can style each piece at least four different ways.

I've never worked with a stylist before, but I met Stephanie Ramlogan of No More Fashion Victims a few years ago and was really moved by her aesthetic. Stephanie went on a challenge last year where she bought no new clothes, and as part of that challenge she had to find different ways to use the pieces in her wardrobe. She blew that challenge out of the water.

Stephanie Ramlogan

I challenged Stephanie to help me pick some pieces from the Bene Caribe carnival line to wear to fetes (parties) and I've been using these looks throughout the year as I travel from Carnival to Carnival.

What I love about Stephanie's aesthetic is the way she uses wraps and shirts to make a million looks. You can save so much money by just buying a few staple, well made pieces, and then styling them many different ways.

Needless to say, I'm a believer in working with a stylist. So many of us struggle with figuring out what to wear on a day to day basis and a stylist can help by:

  1. designing your wardrobe to meet our personal and professional goals
  2. saving you time by styling entire outfits to choose from
  3. finding more combinations of outfits in your wardrobe when you're on a budget or trying to be better for the environment
  4. thinking of ways to wear clothing that you would NEVER have imagined, but that look amazing
  5. shopping for or with you
  6. styling you for photo shoots
  7. building your confidence - when I wear these pieces styled by Stephanie I get so many compliments! By challenging me to step outside my style comfort zone she's secretly empowering me to be my most beautiful.

Take a look at our carnival styling video by clicking on the photo below and let me know in the comments which look was your favorite! You can find some of these pieces at the Shop at Normandie in Trinidad and look out for our romper coming soon for global orders online at

Special thanks to Rayhaan Joseph of Studio 19 for the video skills!

Tell me in the comments:

Have you worked with a stylist?

Which look did you like the best?