• Napturally Sache and Tarique Eastman Shoot in Bene Caribe

    These photos, taken in beautiful Tobago have us drooling over our own pieces and loving our island! 
  • On the heels of Caribbean Style Week, What is Caribbean Fashion?

    I have forever been preoccupied with defining the Caribbean Aesthetic, while so many fashion professionals living and creating in the region have t...
  • Caribbean Sustainable Fashion Is Sexy

    When we talk Fashion, the vocabulary is sexy.

    Everything about shopping, shoes, dressing rooms, models, you name it, the experience is marketed in a very seductive way. The words we use when we see pieces we love all revolve around an element of lust. Our clothes are the closest to our naked bodies, so of course we want to be romanced by them! So when we use words like "Ethical" and "Sustainable", the sex appeal goes limp. This is vocabulary we hear in Politics! Why bring such heavy issues into our bedroom.. uh I mean closet!

  • A Chat with Ain Earle: The Bald Beauty

    In September 2017 we sat with Ain Earle Founder of the Fashion Arch and of the Bald Beauty as she was preparing to build her organization to build...
  • How to Care for Your Batiks

    How To Wash Cotton Batiks:

    Bene Caribe's Batik artist, Don Sealy, told me repeatedly "No Bleach." He instructed to only use cold water, and line dry if you can, but most importantly: No Bleach or detergents with bleach added. I asked about the colour running on to other garments in the wash, but he assured me that you should not expect to find the dye running....

  • Why We've Partnered with CFAFF

    Founder Kevon Foderingham is very passionate about doing good for the Caribbean, well in line with Bene Caribe's personal motto.  We are so proud to be a part of this very important mission to foster positivity to those facing darker circumstances. I asked Kevon to share just a bit about the project, in an effort to get more people in the know, and maybe even inspire some of you to get involved!
  • Black Hair by Trinbagonian - Gabriella Bernard

    You've all seen model and advocate Gabriella Bernard affectionately known as "Gabby" on our Bene Caribe social media pages. To give full credit, Gabby's full 'fro and gorgeous smile are some of the key factors that have propelled some of our images across the internet. This week, Gabriella will mark another milestone with the release of her film BLACK HAIR at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. The 20 minute documentary film produced by Trinidad and Tobago Rocks  is already making the rounds on the international film festival circuit and follows Gabriella's journey to challenge the European standards of beauty  that prevail in the fashion and beauty industry.

  • An interview turned life lesson with Trinidadian Actress, Ramona Tim Kee

    There was no way this was going to be one of those interviews where a list of questions would be emailed out, and returned to me with carefully crafted responses, not when Ramona Tim Kee's presence is her truest representation. I would not even have a voice recorder between us, for me to transcribe later, because with her, it is less about the "what" she says; less about the places she has been, or productions she has been a part of, or the people with whom she has worked, and more about the "Who" she is and the "How" she engages.
  • How to spot a West Indian outside of the West Indies

    There are countless ways of identifying us, from our brightly coloured ensembles, to the delicious aromas of Sunday lunch spilling out of our kitchen windows. As immigrants, we are very hard working, on a mission to prove ourselves, and successfully, we often reach high positions in the workplace.  With our racial diversity, you might not be able to guess where we're from until you hear our accents, but if that's not enough, I'm sure there is a national flag or national colours somewhere in our homes.
  • Bene Caribe Carnival Styling with Stephanie Ramlogan

    I challenged Stephanie to help me pick some pieces from the Bene Caribe carnival line to wear to fetes (parties) and I've been using these looks throughout the year as I travel from Carnival to Carnival.

    What I love about Stephanie's aesthetic is the way she uses wraps and shirts to make a million looks. You can save so much money by just buying a few staple, well made pieces, and then styling them many different ways.

  • Diving into Success: An inspiring chat with Bermudian, Katura Horton Perinchief

    Katura was not just the first Bermudian woman to compete in Olympic diving (2004), but that year she also became the first black woman [from any nation] to compete in Olympic diving, after no Bermudian had competed at the Olympics for diving in 52 years! 
  • "I come from the Caribbean Sea": Talking identity with UN Women's Tonni Ann Brodber

    Caribbean-Canadian Tonni Ann Brodber is the Deputy Representative for UN Women.  This UN organization is dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. They are a global champion for women and girls, established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. It is truly an honour to be able to speak with Tonni on a personal level, getting to understand the woman behind the such a powerful role.